Emergency and web repairs

Have you entered your website today and it is impossible to access? This is an emergency!

Have you received an email from a customer informing about a purchase in your online store made on your behalf? This is an emergency!

Do you have a respected blog and see strange code inserted in your posts? This is an emergency!

You have not updated your WordPress for too long and today you have done it under your responsibility and your website now seems to be a mess? This is an emergency!

DRJ Consulting offers one of the most competitive prices in the market for urgent WordPress solutions. Once you have contacted us, we will answer your request in less than 60 minutes and if you let  us know about your problem, we will diagnose it as soon as possible.

We know that your web today is very important for your business and we want you not to stop the problems.

Did you know that most of the time the problems are caused by not having the plugins or the theme of your website updated? and not be surrounded by professionals?

DRJ Consulting has a team of developers with many years of experience and they know well what they have to touch. Many of our clients have told us, effective, transparent and professional. Because behind a website there is a lot of economic investment and many expectations have been placed and you must not let your website be in the hands of a friend’s cousin. Our first advice, surround yourself with a professional and human team.

DRJ Consulting offers different maintenance packages as well as the possibility of hosting your website.

Fill out the urgency request form and this month all new customers will get a free basic audit to choose between the three services of improvement in accessibility, usability, or SEO.

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