Creative Services

DRJ Consulting offers creative services for your digital communication campaigns or other needs.

We have our own studio equipped with the necessary technology to offer high quality work.

Professional voices

We have more than ten professional voices with different tones and tonalities to adapt to your content, both male and female, useful for carrying out your advertising campaigns and in the language you need. Voices can enrich corporate videos, TV series, documentary narration. etc.

Audio book production

The preference of audio books is on the rise dew to mobile applications, and although previously these were almost reserved for blind people, today, thanks to the acquisition of new customs given by mobility, and the increase of production of materials in audio by specialized stores, people without special needs consume more and more books in audio format.

Creation of customized music

If your corporate voice offers you a unique identity, the music and songs for your videos and campaigns have to offer the same. We do not use catalog themes, but we create personalized music at the best market price, with professional musicians of whom 70% are visually impaired.

Audio description service and videos scripts and subtittles

Adding audio description or transcription will arrive with our contents to all types of users. Keep in mind that video consumption by people with deafness or vision impairments is a reality. We have a team of four specialized professionals for this service, offering diverse possibilities such as the creation of content with sign language and audio description.

Own production

We work with current professional technology, using market standard software for video and audio production. We ensure more sales and more scope by providing inclusion to your companies campaigns, because you will be reaching a target that you did not contemplate now. Because a blind or deaf person, in addition to having the right of free access to information, will be enjoying content delivered by a coherent company, which cares about the information getting much further and reaching more customers.

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