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I am Daniela Rubio Trujillo, cofounder of DRJ Consulting (formerly Macneticos Group) and I want to share with you the magic of accessibility # in the world. Accessible technologies have given me the opportunity to develop my creativity in a productive field, where I am committed to breaking down barriers for myself and for many people around the world. In the following map, I invite you to discover all the countries I have visited and in which, together with wonderful people, I have been able to share the great opportunities of accessible technologies which all can reach.

Until today, I have visited 17 of the 250 countries of the world.

  1. Alemania (Berlin)
  2. Emiratos Árabes Unidos (Dubái)
  3. Eslovaquia (Bratislava)
  4. España (Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Santacruz de Tenerife, Toledo, Valencia y Zaragoza)
  5. Estados Unidos (San Diego y San Francisco)
  6. Finlandia (Helsinki)
  7. Irlanda (Cork)
  8. Italia (Milán)
  9. Lituania (Vilna)
  10. México (Ciudad de México, Guadalajara y Jalisco)
  11. Polonia (Varsovia)
  12. República Checa (Praga)
  13. Reino Unido (Cork y Londres)
  14. Rusia (Moscú)
  15. Rumanía (Bucarest)
  16. Suiza (Ginebra)
  17. Turquía (Estambul)

Next Stop?

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