About us

The knowledge we have about the sector and the wide professional trajectory of our human team allows us to offer value propositions that not only add up, but also multiply the results, benefits and expectations for our clients’ projects.



We are inspired and encouraged by our human team. We are a group of professionals with a high human quality and loyal to our values ​​and principles, which are part of our character and personality essence. We believe in honesty, trust and professionalism.


We are passionate about technology. It is our ally and the main work tool that allows us to constantly evolve in order to handle and apply the latest trends and innovations in the sector of accessibility, inclusion and diversity.


Our skills allow us to offer innovative solutions and services of great value. But most important of all, is the positive attitude, with which we work day in and day out and that allows us to reach our objectives.


We always seek excellence and bring up innovative ideas that contribute to the good development and implementation of projects. Quality, care and perfection are the real protagonists in each of the tasks we perform. Because our customers satisfaction is our best presentation letter.

Why DRJ Consulting?

  1. Confidence. We are endorsed by the experience gained in almost a decade of professional career in the area of ​​accessibility, inclusion and diversity.
  2. Inspiration. We inspire people and create each project in a customized way. We are not satisfied with providing innovative proposals, but we like to get involved 100% and work hand in hand with the best professional teams from the sector.
  3. Standardization. We are in a constant search for new challenges that promote standardization and provide useful results for the lives of people with any type of functional diversity.
  4. Solution. Because we offer integral solutions to specific needs. Because we believe in the power of change. An absolutely necessary change with which we work today and think about tomorrow.

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