Your technological partners in accessibility, diversity and inclusion.

Welcome to DRJ Consulting

We are a technology consulting company specialized in accessibility, inclusion and diversity which works to advise companies and professionals. We are committed to digital transformation, promoting universal projects, products and services that all can reach and enjoy.

Inclusive projection

We are inspired by inclusive projects in which we offer the most appropriate strategic proposal with innovative solutions.

Human capital

A team of professionals made of great people who seek excellence through knowledge, experience and professional career.

We are reliable

The professionalism,perseverance and the high quality of the human team, creates confidence and brings solutions of value in each one of our projects.

Journey partners

We work hand in hand with the best professionals, combining profesional work and talent to create integral proposals with a great differential value.

Inclusion around the world

We inspire people and drive innovative universal projects around the world. Because change begins today and we work thinking about tomorrow.

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About us

The knowledge we have about the sector and the wide professional trajectory of our human team allows us to offer value propositions that not only add up, but also multiply the results, benefits and expectations for our clients’ projects.



We are inspired and encouraged by our human team. We are a group of professionals with a high human quality and loyal to our values ​​and principles, which are part of our character and personality essence. We believe in honesty, trust and professionalism.


We are passionate about technology. It is our ally and the main work tool that allows us to constantly evolve in order to handle and apply the latest trends and innovations in the sector of accessibility, inclusion and diversity.


Our skills allow us to offer innovative solutions and services of great value. But most important of all, is the positive attitude, with which we work day in and day out and that allows us to reach our objectives.


We always seek excellence and bring up innovative ideas that contribute to the good development and implementation of projects. Quality, care and perfection are the real protagonists in each of the tasks we perform. Because our customers satisfaction is our best presentation letter.

Why DRJ Consulting?

  1. Confidence. We are endorsed by the experience gained in almost a decade of professional career in the area of ​​accessibility, inclusion and diversity.
  2. Inspiration. We inspire people and create each project in a customized way. We are not satisfied with providing innovative proposals, but we like to get involved 100% and work hand in hand with the best professional teams from the sector.
  3. Standardization. We are in a constant search for new challenges that promote standardization and provide useful results for the lives of people with any type of functional diversity.
  4. Solution. Because we offer integral solutions to specific needs. Because we believe in the power of change. An absolutely necessary change with which we work today and think about tomorrow.

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In DRJ Consulting We believe in each person and team collaboration. Our partners join us during the creation, development and implementation of the projects of which we take part.

We work with multidisciplinary partners that share our values, principles and philosophy. We share the same methods and work with a high quality assurance level, in order to secure high standard results. We constitute a great human team, which is characterized by its commitment, engaging and excellence. We make a fusion between the KNow how,2 and our innovative spirit in order to provide to our customers with projects that provide added values.

We are joined by accessibility, inclusion and diversity, three fundamental and essential concepts that are in our DNA.

Together, we want to change the world, we work today thinking about tomorrow and our mission is to promote inclusive projects that normalize the lives of people with functional diversity.

“Getting together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success “Henry Ford.

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There is no inclusion without imagination!

We inspire people and create projects to increase the values of your brand. We seek economic and social return, applying knowledge, experience and rigor, guaranteeing results of the highest quality with a very competitive market price.

Web accessibility

There are regulations which require that any content posted on public and private web sites is accessible to all users. We offer consulting services and web audit, providing the corrections with a detailed report that provides solutions. We grant certificates at no additional cost, so your site matches the levels required by the current accessibility regulations, which, throughgood accessibility practices, will contribute to a substantial improvement of the organic positioning of your website, with which more users will value your offe..—

Inclusive contents

We evaluate and adapt all types of digital content ranging from professional, educational and institutional documents to presentations, audiovisuals and personalized templates for sending Newsletters. Accessible content will allow you to reach a broad market of potential customers with different functional diversities, which require specialized features in order to access to digital information.–

Web site development

We plan, design and develop web pages and content management platforms under the premises of accessibility, diversity and inclusion that will be engraved in the DNA since the creation of the project. We work with the latest trends and web development tools based on HTML5 and area, among others, with the objective of providing inclusive, dynamic and interactive experiences that will help you optimize the user experience of your website and obtain greater visibility in the search engines.

Diversity and inclusion

We, as people with functional diversity live day in and day out in continuous improvement. We put at your disposal our knowledge and experience in inclusive projects for the XXI century, through dynamic programs of diversity and inclusion. Because we believe in the concept of new normality and because a job is an opportunity for all without differences of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and cultural perspective, as well as the physical and intellectual capacities that represent different dimensions of the diversity and that will be applied in the inclusion plan that we develop for your business strategy.

Mobile accessibility

It implements the integration of inclusive solutions in the mobile applications operating systems with an added value. The objective is to make the tools compatible, optimizing the navigation,interface interaction and the user experience, and contribute to obtain remarkable progress to improve life quality, consumption and access to the potential of services offered by mobile applications For the more than 100 million people with functional diversity.

Inclusive Marketing

We offer comprehensive marketing solutions, evaluating in detail the project, product or service of your brand and adapting multiple options to overcome any type of barrier: packaging creativity, product validation, signage incorporation, as well as innovative technological solutions aimed to present a universal and integral service. Other examples like Braille, bar codes and QR are already essential. Make your company profitable and available to everyone. Because you are the only one who draw the limits. If you want you can!

Market studies

Our expertise is to design and execute market studies with a methodology created and tailored for each project: product, service and satisfaction surveys, focus group and in-depth interviews that will allow you to obtain quantitative and qualitative results for the subsequent implementation Strategies and actions, with the objective of obtaining a high level of penetration and conversion in the recruitment and loyalty of clients.

Training in Apple technologies

We are supported by more than 300 training sessions in Apple technologies, given to companies and end users with the Apple distinguished Educator certification, in which we take advantage of the accessibility solutions included in their ecosistems.And with all this, we ensure the maximum profitability of the trainings from a profesional and educative perspective.

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If you have any doubt or suggestion send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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